Om PathPilot op niet-Tormach-machines te installeren:

  1. Buy USB install key from Tormach p/n 38249
  2. PathPilot kernel doesn't like sandy bridge motherboards, use older pentium (I'm using E2200)
  3. Buy Mesa board 5i25 from
  4. Find firmware for mesa board - firmware must match your breakout board
    1. You CANNOT change the pinouts of the mesa board via software, ONLY firmware sets the pinouts
    2. many breakout boards are included and may work - mine required custom firmware that mesa wrote for me - if you need custom firmware - ask PCW_Mesa on linuxcnc forums.
  5. Install mesa board and install path pilot via DVD.
  6. If it asks what machine you have just click "1100-3"
  7. Hopefully everything boots up properly - it will flash mesa board with tormach firmware - that's ok we will change it later.
  8. Reboot and when you see the "TORMACH" splash screen hold down the left SHIFT and ALT keys to boot to desktop - remember this you will do it a lot during setup.
  9. From the linux/gnome desktop you can change wifi settings and open file browser

3 Files you need to be mindful of:

  1. tormach_1100_3.ini
  2. tormach_mill_5i25.hal
  3. postgui_tormach_mill.hal

You will edit these 3 potentially. And please SAVE them away from PathPilot as they may be overwritten in future updates.


  1. Take the bitfile that matches your breakout board (BOB) and put it in this folder: operator/tmc/mesa
  2. edit the *.ini file above and find the "HOSTMOT" section
  3. change to BITFILE0= mesa/'the name of your bit file in mesa folder'
  4. reboot machine and your new bit file should be flashed to the mesa board
  5. Hopefully everything booted up and is running pathpilot

Edit the *.INI file (

  1. You will have to edit the .ini file to match your machine:
    1. stepper motor settings
    2. acceleration
    3. velocity
    4. axis directions
    5. machine limits
    6. Spindle settings
    7. Backlash settings
  2. Edit the .HAL file (
    1. You will have to edit the hal file to match your BOB's pins
  3. Edit Postgui HAL file for things like the limit sw LEDs and Accessory inputs (
  4. Optional - If you want to change the display name of your machine from "1100-3" to something else - edit this file in the python folder -
    1. Change the 'config="1100-3" ' to 'config="NameOfMachine"
      1. config = ini_file_name

        if "1100-1" in config:

            config = "1100-I"

        elif "1100-2" in config:

            config = "1100-II"

        elif "1100-3" in config:           

config = "1100-3" <<--------- Change to short machine name (<8 char otherwise name will overwrite software version)

        elif "770" in config:

            config = "770"

        elif "sim" in config:

            config = "Mill sim"

            self.is_sim_config = True

            probe_button = gtk.Button("Probe - lo ")

            probe_button.connect("button_press_event", self.on_probe_sim_button_press)

            #self.fixed.put(probe_button, 925, 680)

            #probe_button.set_size_request(80, 30)


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